Was drawing in my hand? I don’t know. The story of painting in which making in pleasure increasingly rises, is slipping out of my hands. It comes me like that, uncertainty of life includes painting as well. Still, if a thought insists on to be painted, this is what is in our hands. I guess, on the surface of whole world and at the outside of the image, deepness can be obtained. Some excitements and hopes that cannot be known completely, may transform to something expressed by colors.

    I somewhat relax when I think myself as an amateur who wrapped in picture in order not to become insane. And my rest is disturbed when I say that there are things that I should do. This also means standing to goodness as opposed to bad masses of broad public mass whose rest seems to be disturbed forever. 
    The dreams in my opinion are good-beautiful-loved… I always think that what I did have more than and less than me. All of what I did transform the extent and embrace the extent which is tried to be reached as well. Yes this is the embracing a piece of air. But I believe that the folk songs playing in this air can be heard. I guess musical picture design of Van Gogh is related with this. If I still feel myself as a foreigner in this design, this is the backwards where I withdraw in order to rebirth. In this way, I can touch the body of much more utopian picture. I don’t know what I am doing exactly and even naming it comes me as gutlessness. 
    This is completely a dedication and a research. Most of the time, nothing can be found. The only flavor is all this experiment, inspiration and creation. My rotting body and continuously becoming old ideas of art stay back. This understanding is mature at the extent of its being pattern. Still, the person who does not have to be tolerant toward this cannot expect tolerance himself. 


    Her hometown is in Dersim. 

    1990 She graduated from the Business Administration department of Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences of Inonu University. She also works as a primary school teacher in Firuzağa Primary School. She continues teaching because of innocence of children, their frankness and also with the purpose of teaching and giving something from herself. 

    She started painting when she was at the university. She continues working in her atelier in Cihangir since 1995. 

    During 2002-2004 she organized on the street painting events and exhibitions in Asmalı Mescit and Galata Kuledibi. 

    2002 During her firs personal exhibition “What About Flying” she combined the Galata Tower with the wings of a butterfly (placing wings on an object), combined the dream of Hezarfen to fly from Galata with the wings of a butterfly living freely for one day and includes the traces of historical and legendary voivode of Galata from the time of Genovese on paper and combines that with oil color printing technique. 

    2004 The artist opened her second exhibition with “Shall We Make War? Shall We Make Peace?” and catches attention to destruction of the nature and people as a whole in her artworks. 

    2004-2010 She attended festivals, carnivals and group exhibitions during those years.

    2011 Istanbul Summer Exhibition Entrepot-5 is an organization of TimeOut Istanbul and Beyazart and she took part in the group exhibition of which the jury hat been from Royal Academy. 

    23-27 January 2013 During the competition in London Art Biennale organized by Gagliardi Gallery & Chianochiano Art Museum in Chelsea Old Town Hall King’s Road in which international contemporary art, painting, sculpture and creative works had been present, the work of the artist named Parallel Universes – Chess Project (oil color mixed technical oil on canvas mixed media) won an award. 

    7-14 September 2013 She participated in the Chianochiano Biennale organized by Gagliardi Gallery in Chianchiano Art Museum with two of her works from “Project of Travel in Time”. 

    13 September – 21 September 15 pieces of work performed by her in 2013 – 2014 on mixed technic oil on paper mixed media on paper with dimensions 50x70 cm with theme “Love Affair” will be exhibited in Barış Manço Kültür Merkezi located at the address of Caferağa Mah.Moda Caddesi Nailbey Sokak (Caferağa Spor Salonu Yanı)Kadıköy- Istanbul. 

    The artist placed films and other materials on canvas, joined them with oil color and reflected the inner universe to the outer universe with colors and gives the following answer to the question of why “Love Affair”: 

    “Should love be practices or should practice be loved?

    In Love with Love or love against love? 

    Love cannot be explained. 

    Love is lived. 

    “Love Affairs” is only touching colors in expression of inner universe to the outer universe. 


    Nevim Kayaoğlu

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