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To do something.
We have dreams.
Go to slide.
Our aspirations pass and run through our dreams.
To do something.
We are opened from ourselves to universe.
That exists with our doing something.
To have access to those that will exist.
The way to reach something.
To put name as much as to determine.
This always makes us happy to say "this is it"
Somehow, we cannot see things that exist without name, we do not want to see, even if we want, it is likely to have name, our habits are inclined to exist with borders and frames.
While looking at something, we look with standards like it has to have a name, it has to be defined by someone, okay stamp and T.S.I.
Yes, what I did.
Do not do anything, do not exist, transition to those which exist and which will exist and to movement.
Travel from utopia to reality, from reality to utopia.
What I did,
The works that I did at the street, the energy that street gives me.
Intense and enthusiastic way of working which was existing when I started first
Access of what I did directly to the people, action-reaction, motivation delivered to people, these are really beautiful happiness.
Street is full of life, everything is at the street.
The life begins at the street.
My works developed at the street; it is full of energy and movement.
In order to realize our dreams with "how about flying", to live a day of butterflies, to live like how a butterfly realizes its desire in a short time, to do like Hazerfen from the history, passion to perform what you want, how he performed with flying from Galata Tower in the conditions of his time, with the dream that we can achieve as well, exhibition of "How about flying" emerged.
Street is life, life is at the street.
My works sprouted, developed and shaped at the street and they are continuing at the street.
How much we are in the life, we are much more in our utopia as well.
What we lived, what we are living and what we are going to live, the fight always continue.
To breath with happiness.
Life is fighting.
While we do something on the one hand, we destroy on the other hand.
For destroying, for doing, at the war struggle somehow we do not think future and present, even if we think we do everything to win at that moment, to be the only one, to give name and for everything.
Isn’t it enough to destroy like Beta?
In order to be.
We fight for making peace as well.
Exhibition, emerging at the end of confusion with the question of "do we fight, do we make peace"
Actually, one thing leads to other thing and while the time dissolves us, with the inner stance journey developing towards it, the things that I am going to tell people continue with the project of "Travel Within Time"
Everything is interconnected and this connection continues with the project of "Parallel Universes"
Everything in the life is a cross-section, dreams and us, "Slices From the Life", ongoing works.
If everything finds their position, in the future, they are going to be exhibited.
I am sharing some of the exhibited works and some of the works that are going to be exhibited.


Copyright by Nevin Kayaoğlu 2011
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